Why Hire Plant Equipment Rather Than Purchasing?

Are you planning a large landscaping project in the near future? Perhaps you have a do-it-yourself plumbing task which needs to be addressed. Whether referring to domestic or commercial requirements, the fact of the matter is that Trade Plant and Tool Hire has your needs covered. We are the leading providers of the latest power tools and plant equipment, so our team represents your one-size-fits all solution when quality counts. We work with the most respected brand names in the business and as clients are provided with a single point of contact, addressing even the most challenging of tasks has never been easier. Why hire plant equipment as opposed to committing to an outright purchase? What are some of the key advantages that this option offers? Let's take a look at some of the many financial and logistical windfalls that you can expect to enjoy when working with our team of trained specialists.

The Cost-Effective Solution

It can be argued that the main benefit of construction hire equipment is the simple fact that this is a much more cost-effective alternative when compared to a physical purchase. Let us keep in mind that some machinery is priced well into the thousands of pounds. As opposed to placing unnecessary strain upon your budget, why not rent out this equipment for a predetermined window of time? This type of rental solution is particularly useful if you are unsure of the time frame associated with a specific project. In other words, you will only be paying for this equipment when it is required.

A Superior Level of Flexibility

Why hire plant equipment for your needs? Another logical answer will revolve around the flexible solutions that can be provided by Trade Plant and Tool Hire. Let us always remember that every construction project is associated with its own unique challenges and requirements. This is why renting the most appropriate tools and machinery for the task at hand makes a great deal of sense. In the event that a replacement is needed to address a specific scenario, customers can simply contact a representative and place an order. This is direct contrast to an outright purchase, as you will often be obliged to care for a unit that might otherwise remain unused for an extended period of time.

Dealing with Only the Latest Equipment

There are many logistical concerns within the construction sector. One major issue involves the presence and use of outdated equipment. Machinery that is in poor working condition can easily eat into a tight timetable. Furthermore, safety is always a very real concern. There are likewise instances when faulty equipment will violate governmental regulations; resulting in substantial penalties and even causing a project to come to a grinding halt.

These situations are no longer concerns when leveraging the power of a rental provider. All units are guaranteed to have been maintained to the highest of standards. They are regularly serviced and as a result, their efficacy and reliability will never be called into question. In the rare event that a problem is encountered, you are not responsible for any repair costs that may be incurred. This also saves you a great deal of time when compared to shutting a project down in order to deal with decidedly avoidable issues.

Doing Away with On-Site Storage Requirements

Another advantage to mention is that you will no longer be required to deal with on-site storage issues. The same holds true in the event that you are paying monthly fees for a large warehouse. These funds can thereafter be transferred directly back into the core operations of your business. On a final note, security concerns when dealing with extremely expensive pieces of machinery are dramatically reduced.

Are There Any Potential Downsides?

To be entirely objective, there can be some instances when purchasing equipment is the most logical option. This often occurs if it will represent a valuable long-term asset. Furthermore, not all hire services have been created equally. Some are more transparent and trustworthy than others. It only makes sense to work with the best in the business and this brings us to our final point.

The Experienced Team at Trade Plant and Tool Hire Limited

Not only are we fully stocked with the latest selection of industry-recognised power tools and equipment, but we have the capability of handling nationwide deliveries. Therefore, we can deal with even the most challenging of requirements. Our company also offers completely transparent hire services, so you will always know what to expect before the process begins. If you have been disappointed with other services in the past, it pays to partner with an industry leader. To learn more about your options or to request a callback, please contact us.